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Project A Podcast

May 31, 2021

Uwe welcomes Jack Wang to Project A as investment principal focusing on enterprise deep tech and gaming. Jack talks a bit about his background, what he is excited about and the exciting times for founders starting companies in Europe. Uwe and Jack also deep dive into Project A’s view on seed investing, what they look...

May 25, 2021

David Nothacker is co-founder and CEO of sennder, Europe’s leading digital road freight carrier and Germany’s unicorn No. 14. Together with Simon, our Chief Brand Officer, he talks about how branding must evolve when the company enters hyper growth and how the brand can help drive this growth - internally and...

May 14, 2021

A behind the scenes look at the investment process at Project A. Whilst the investment process is opaque at most venture capital firms, we'd like to expose ours. An unbridled insight into what it's like to go from first contact to term sheet.

May 6, 2021

What does it take for a European scale-up to nail go-to-market in the US? Charlotte, our Head of Venture Development, picked the brain of Scott Sinatra who is Chief Revenue Officer at Dixa, the customer engagement platform and Project A portfolio company. 

As a global sales leader with experience at Glassdoor and Glint,...