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Project A Podcast

Nov 16, 2018

Originally Simon Bolz wanted to take off with his Healthcare Startup in Germany, proved to be successful not here, but in the US. The problem: Klara optimises communication between doctors, their staff and patients so enormously that a lot of time and money is saved; thus a comfortable service is created. But the German healthcare system is not about efficiency or service. The incentives in the German system are designed in such a way that only a few large players dominate and the structures will presumably prevent innovation in the foreseeable future. Or won’t they? Listen to the new episode of Project A Podcast, in which Simon Bolz and Uwe Horstmann explain why they can still gain a lot of good from the German healthcare system.


Guest: Simon Bolz, CEO Klara, Uwe Horstmann, General Partner at Project A

Moderation: Danijel Visevic, Director of Communications at Project A

Language: German

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